martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Muy agradecido a greedyghost

Es para mi una satisfacción muy grande lo que Greedyhost publica hoy en el foro.

Gracias Jessica.

Enlace correcto:

(Este enlace estaba mal copia pero tambien es interesante)

Copied literally Hoya forum
Copiado literalmente foro hoya

@ teengardener 

Click on the U.S. flag to the right and the auto-translate will kick in. It translates 'Hoya carnosa' as 'basins fleshy' which is quite amusing, but just ignore that.

Basically, the post shows a picture of 4 carnosas that were quite small when they were planted, and, after only 2 years, have covered a HUGE fence!

The plants are east facing and receive 4 hours of morning light. Pepeuve feels that morning light is the best for Hoya carnosa (as well as its close relatives, like publicalyx) and that this is a good demonstration.

I have to agree. Most of my carnosas are in east windows, right up against the glass, and as soon as I moved them there, they bloomed within a year. (It takes the variegated ones slightly longer).

He also points out that there are visible differences between the leaves growing at the bottom and those growing at the top, both in size and color. That's how, when someone posts a picture of a common Hoya like carnosa, we can tell what light it was grown in.

@ pepeuve

I know some people find it frustrating to try and translate other languages, but I think it's very important.

The Hoya community is so very small - we cannot afford to ignore the useful observations and experiments made in a different language.

Thank you for periodically coming to visit us, even though we don't speak Spanish. ^_^'


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  1. Anda eh!! Enhorabuena, siempre está bien que reconozcan nuestro trabajo.

  2. felicitaciones Pepe, es tanta tu pasión y tu amor por ellas, es lógico que venga el reconocimiento a la trayectoria! felicitades! es un gusto compartir contigo este amor por las hoyas. cariños desde Paraguay, América del Sur.