lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Por encima de ellos

Esto se lo dedico a una forera muy buena amiga mía y que se preocupa por los sinverguenzas, lameculos y soplapollas que la critican en el foro hoyas de infojardín.

Espero que te quedes con la parte positiva del mensaje que transmite esta imagen y no te comas el tarro. Como tu sabes muy bien el Inglés, no hace falta que te lo traduzca.

3 comentarios:

  1. Pepe, in true it doesn't mind what people are talking aboout, it is sign they haven't any important to do in life, I can tell you in italian too: "dimmi quello che dici e ti dirò quello che ti manca", it is better to use the time in something important and funny because it passes very fast and when you realize it's too late to do many things.
    Don't waste your time speaking, make useful things!
    Passez vous une bonne journée!

    1. Do you think they will understand what you said about them? I think some of these useless don´t live the life. They only live to criticize others.